Pazzi Quality

When it comes to combining a beautiful product – such as stone – with expert craftsmanship, we believe the final results depend on quality. Keeping this at the core of our services, Pazzi strives to be a leader in both marble and granite creations. Finishes and Cuts

Natural vs. man-made: the Pazzi point of difference

Pazzi’s unique offering is formed using best-in-class stone materials – working with both natural and man-made variations. However, our point of difference remains in creating outstanding, aesthetically pleasing designs that exceed expectations each and every time. 

We also work with an extensive list of stone types, including: 










Porcelain, and more.

Repairs and maintenance

Like most materials, stone requires upkeep and care over time, to ensure its longevity and better lifespan. 

As experts in the trade, we know all of the processes and essentials involved in maintaining designs of all forms. If you have a stone product that’s seen better days, we offer a convenient, high-quality restoration service for weathered, cracked or damaged designs. 

For projects other professionals deem impossible, contact the Pazzi team.