Pazzi Safe Work Practices
SilicA Compliant

Across Victoria, a ban is in place to ensure uncontrolled dry cutting of engineered stone is effectively managed. This regulation comes as a means to protect workers from dangerous exposure to silica dust, which can have fatal effects.

What do you need to know about silica dust?

Engineered stone (man-made) can contain up to 95 per cent crystalline silica. This substance is hazardous, posing potential risks to your health if it’s inhaled.

When these products are processed dry and without water, a fine dust is created. This is where you’ll find respirable crystalline silica that’s then released into the air. For those working in the surrounding environments – including stonemasons incorrectly using these materials – there is a high risk of exposure. Because of this, proper local exhaust ventilation must be used to minimise threats.

How does compliance help?

In Victoria, all employers, managers or those in charge of a workplace (including the self-employed) are responsible for ensuring all required measures are carried out. This means necessary equipment is utilised by all staff and certain practices are adhered to.

If you’re not sure if your current stonemason or supplier is compliant, it’s highly recommended you speak to the team at Pazzi. As you may be working with a manufacturer that doesn’t meet Worksafe certification or compliance requirements, you could be liable if any negative outcomes occur.

How Pazzi ensures safe working practices

Across the board, we use a number of safe practices to ensure compliance regulations are met and fulfilled.
This includes:

Using tools with sufficient water suppression

Tool extraction techniques are aligned with industry standards

All team members wear fit-for-purpose respiratory mask

We regularly undergo health checks to keep our team safe.