In our Pazzi workshop, we take our carbon footprint and influence on the environment seriously. This means we always seek to employ an array of sustainability practices to cut down on the impact waste and energy consumption can have.

Our focus on greener stone artistry

To do this, we ensure all water used to cool and lubricate the diamond blades and tools, CNC routers and hand polishers is constantly recycled. The wastewater is moved through deep trenches in the floor to a central pit. From this point, it is pumped into our water treatment plant, where it is clarified by compacting and removing the stone sludge. At full capacity, we are able to produce 600 litres of clean, recycled water per investment. As a result, we maintain our emphasis and focus on sustainability, creating sustainable practices for each of our services.

As we continue to evolve our business, our commitment to these greener efforts remain and is something we enjoy taking great pride in doing.