Some areas of your home – such as those prone to moisture – require a material that’s able to withstand these conditions. Stone is the perfect resources for wet areas, providing the perfect foundation for vanities, floors, walls, shower basins and other designs.

For this very reason, we’ve dedicated our line of services to architecturally flawless stone designs, giving a nod to this beautiful material’s historical significance.

Sophisticated, cutting-edge designs

Across the years, Pazzi has created many beautiful and luxurious bathroom for clients across Victoria. From clean, minimal designs to incredibly detailed and decorative structures – we used high-quality stone from all over the world to create industry-renowned results.

Choose us for projects across stone baths, vanities, sinks, interior wall panelling, splashbacks, shower niches, shelving and more.

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Because every project is different, we tailor a quote specifically for you and your brief. For a no-obligation discussion around your needs, get in touch by sending us a message through our online quotation form.